Trap Tile

Traps are objects found throughout all levels of the dungeon. There are currently only three types of traps, however there will most likely be more in the future. Most traps do damage, however one version of the pressure plate trap teleports you.

Pressure Plate TrapEdit

The pressure plate trap is located on all levels of the dungeon. It can be in the middle of a room or blocking a passage. They are located on the floor, but easily noticeable due to their brown color. Pressure plate traps will activate when stepped on or triggered by an object. Once triggered, they will stay down for a few seconds before becoming active again.

There are three versions of the pressure plate trap; poison, instant damage, and teleportation. The poison and damage versions are straightforward, but the teleportation is unique. When triggered, it will teleport the object or entity to a random area in the dungeon. This area will always be the same for that specific trap.

Pressure plate traps can be easily bypassed. They may be found blocking the path towards the exit, but you can trigger them using a junk object and then running past it. Be careful not to use important objects, because the trap may teleport the item away, forcing you to retrieve it by following the object through the trap.

Spike TrapEdit

The spike trap is located on all levels of the dungeon. They found in similar places to the pressure plate trap, though slightly rarer. The spike trap deals damage to the player, and is not triggerable.

There are two versions of the spike trap; one that is always activated and one that goes up and down. The constant spike trap is far rarer than the periodic spike trap; it is found only in pre-made rooms. The periodic spike trap sends out spikes periodically, then retracts them. Both traps will do damage when touched.

There are several pre-made rooms that focus on the spike traps. One such room is a three by four room filled with periodic spike traps that is located on the dungeon level. The spike traps in this room have a pattern that is obvious after a few seconds of watching them. Another room has a pit filled with constant spike traps and a border around the edge. Falling into the pit is certain death.

Projectile TrapEdit

The projectile trap is the currently the only ranged and the only wall-mounted trap in the game. It is found on the dungeon level, and will shoot out a ball of fire when an entity walks in front of it. The trap resembles a demon's open mouth on the side of a wall. Its fireball will travel in a straight path from the wall. This trap has an infinite amount of shots, so passing it by once will not de-activate it.