As well as fully playable versions of Delver, Interrupt has also released some test levels. This page contain information as well as download links to the test levels.

9/10/12 --- Test TownEdit


Javaw 2013-01-21 09-44-20-339

Buildings in the cozy little town.

This test was to test towns and sloping blocks. For the most part this test was successful.

11/6/12 --- Landscape Generation TestEdit


Javaw 2013-01-01 10-03-39-581

A town generated among the endless hills.

This test was to test the developing Landscape Generation, skybox and lighting. It was very hard to survive this test level as there was little to hide behind as the mobs were relentless and had FPS and phasing through the ground issues on slower computers, but other than that this test was successful.