Potions are items found in the dungeon that can have a number of effects when you use them. Their effects can be positive or negative but it is determined by random. There are Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Dark, and Gold Potions (pictured in the gallery below), and the effects of each potion color will change each time you restart, so be careful! Potions will also explode when hit or thrown into a wall, so be careful about swinging your sword around.

Potion EffectsEdit

Potion effects stay the same most of the time until you start a new dungeon. For example, if you pick up a blue potion on floor 1 and 'It Burns!', it will have that effect through all floors of the dungeon, or until you die and restart. Sometimes when drinking a potion, you will get the message "This must be XXX" with the name of the potion. For the remainder of that run in the dungeon, all potions of that color will be identified by name instead of ???.

Potion Message Potion Name Potion Effect
You feel better. Healing Heals 3 health.
It burns! Poison Poison effect for 10 seconds.
You feel restored. Restoration Heals you to max health and cures poison if you are currently poisoned.
Yum! Cola Heals for 18 seconds.
You feel numb. Iron Skin Adds Iron Skin for 10 seconds. (no melee damage taken)
You feel arcane. Resist Magic Adds a magic shield for 10 seconds. (no magic damage taken)
I can't Move. Paralyzation Paralyzes you for 5 seconds.