The purpose of this tutorial is to familiarize yourself the basics of modding for Delver. You should have some basic knowledge of working with files and folders, and how to use an archive utility to extract it's contents. You must have a Delver jar file. Once you buy Delver you have a Humble Bundle page where you can download it, download the Linux version for the jar file.

Create An Assets FolderEdit

In the same directory as the Delver jar file, create a folder called 'assets'. Delver looks for this folder, so it is important that it is name 'assets'. This is where you will put all of your custom content.

Extracting Assets From DelverEdit

Open the Delver jar file with an archive utility program, and take note of the file structure. It is important that you have the same names and hierarchies present in the jar file.

Make ContentEdit

Now the hard work begins! Edit the various assets to your heart's content. You changes will be loaded when you run Delver.