This is the page for the history of Delver-Alpha-3/1/12 to Delver-Alpha-11/3/12 . For Version History of Delvedit go here. Note that this page does not contain all of the download links as it is still under construction.

From Delver Alpha 11/18/12 onward Delver now must be bought all vertions currently under this section cost $5 and may be purchased here.  Note that any of the builds that say Closed Testing are unavailible unless you sked Intterupt on the Tigsource Forum Thread.

Version  Change Log
  • Totally revamped art
  • All new sounds
  • Starting camp area, with shops
  • Post game stats
  • And much more!
5-13-13 * Upgraded to the latest version of LibGdx, Lwjgl

   touches potentially everything - input, audio, graphics, menus

  • Added super basic gamepad support for 360 controllers on OSX
  • Removed mesh cache cleanup code on level change
5-9-13 *Smarter mesh generation code in an attempt to fix the random triangles of doom glitch
5-6-13 *Atempt to fix the graphical glitch


* Entity collision - this has been mucked with a ton to support angled walls and things like entities standing on entities

  • Decals - blood and hit marks
  • Static mesh batching - used for decorative and structural geometry like bridges
  • Better stacking support - stacks should add onto stacks when picked up
  • Projectile collisions are now more accurate
  • Flying enemies should fly around the space available, and not stay at the same height
  • Fixed hitboxes for some enemies, like bats
  • Fixed entity sprites being offset incorrectly (like the boss monster)
  • Map updated to show angled walls

This is the first paid version of Delver

  • Bug fixes

Free Alpha

The following table shows the change logs of the free Alpha period of Delver.  They range from Delver-Alpha-3/1/12 to Delver-Alpha-11/3/12.

Version Change Log Download


Note: This is the final free version for Delver, further vesions need to be bought!

  • Game updates are no longer tied to 60hz, this should make the game smoother on devices that couldn't keep up with that
  • Gave wands a slight cooldown
  • The item pickup text that displays on hover is now tied to the UI size option
  • Fixed decal scaling with custom texture packs
  • Updated lighting system to be faster / use less memory
  • Status bar instead of just a number
  • Fixed crash when charging an attack and dropping a weapon
  • Added helmets
  • More performance tweaks
  • Changed HP display
  • Fixed incorrect ATK display in the inventory
  • Fixed fallback renderer not displaying the inventory correctly
  • Chunked up rendering into 17x17 tile chunks instead of drawing the level as one big mesh, a chunk also is in control of drawing it's static entities. Should see some kind of performance improvement now that it's easier to filter out what needs to be drawn
  • Moved dungeon generator assets into one file instead of being loose files, should fix issues where levels used the wrong theme and now the generator will find and use any level file ending with .dat in one of the generator folders in the zip instead of having to rely on some naming convention.
  • 'C' is now an alternative key to open the inventory
  • New equip system - breaks compatibility with old saves
  • Added leg versions of all armor
  • Rings and amulets of protection (ac boost)
  • Better trap effects
  • Fully playable again using the new level format
  • Updated some dungeon tiles
  • Player no longer starts with arrows
  • More visual variety in the dungeons, added some new textures using the new texture list addition to dungeons.dat.
  • Fixed a mesh loading related crash on video cards that don't support glGenBuffers. Meshes won't display on these graphics cards until I make a custom mesh loader that avoids that call.
  • Reduced arrow collision size
  • Added speed modifier status effects
  • Ice damage now slows the target briefly
  • Reduced ice wand damage, increased charges
  • Monsters now get poisoned from poison damage properly
  • Fixed upscaled sprites being the wrong size
  • Arrows now use the beam rendering code instead of being meshes
  • Minimap is now displaying when using the fallback renderer
  • Fixed waterfalls being hidden in the fallback renderer (still not animated though)
  • Fixed mesh coloring in the fallback renderer
  • Reverted the Windows savegame folder lookup, now looks alongside the working directory again while I iron out some issues with saving in My Documents
  • Reverted input changes from last version, will fix hotkeys
  • Message to pick up an item now shows it's stats
  • Added a minimap in place of the map icon
  • Possible fix for jerky mouse movement
  • Performance improvement: frustrum culling for rendered meshes, based off their calculated bounding box
  • Meshes now use the same shader as the level geometry
  • Crosshair when charging an attack for a ranged weapon (junk, bows, wands)
  • Charging animation for bows
  • Attempting to draw a character not in the font no longer crashes the game, will instead display '?'
  • Graphics for particles moved to a new particles.png file so animated particles don't clutter sprites.png
  • Fixed issue where fast playing animations would skip the first frame
  • Windows now places a Delver folder in /My Documents/My Games/ which is used for mod loading and savegames, instead of looking in the working directory. Will fix people's issues where the working directory was set incorrectly and therefore crashed when saving
  • Wand explosion now has a few frames of animation so that it doesn't just hover there
  • New hit effect for mobs using one of Seiseki's animated particle examples:
  • New teleportation effect, also using an animation from Seiseki
  • Beam weapons now way fancier
  • Beam weapons travel through mobs, keeps going until it hits a wall
  • Explosion effect for magic missiles
  • Wands now show number of charges remaining above inventory icon
  • Fixed meshes (like crystals) not drawing in the fallback GL10 renderer
  • Implemented item stacks (used for arrows now)
  • Bows and arrows! Not animating in first person yet. (press the 'O' key to spawn a Bow, for testing purposes)
  • Added bows and arrows to a new ranged weapons items list in items.dat, used for level and monster loot
  • Performance improvements / fixes for the new drawables system (should fix mouse lag?)
  • Switched all Squareroot calculations (distance checks) to Carmack's fast inverse squareroot algorithm
  • Reduced crystal texel size
  • Fixed messages persisting after a game is unloaded
  • Flying enemies no longer can fly through ceilings
  • Fuuuuuuuuuuuu:
  • Fixed: Boss and orb were not spawning on the boss level, making the game unwinnable
  • Fixed: Audio never unloading on level change, causing the audio system to run out of channels by level 7Other stuff:
  • Using new separated drawable system, let me know if anything renders weirdly
  • Glowy mushrooms replaced by glowy crystal meshes
  • Initial support for bows and arrows, not accessible yet as they're still half baked
  • Fixed music stopping on level change
  • Waterfalls
  • Lighting fixes when loading levels exported from the editor
  • Cleans up sound & music when returning to the main menu (not a big deal on PC, huge deal on Android)
  • Fixed fallback GL1.0 renderer crash
  • Fallback renderer now can show the map again
  • Tracked down some memory leaks, including a bad one on level change
  • Lightmap data is now only stored for tiles that actually need it, saving a ton of memory for most levels
  • Performance improvements for mesh rendering
  • Moved all decoration spawning from being hardcoded to being in the dungeon generator info.dat files
  • info.dat entries without a set pixel will match to empty tiles


  • Mesh rendering fixes (fog and static lighting now are applied properly)
  • Fixed issue where textures.png wasn't able to use new textures when it was given more room
  • The 'F' key puts the game in a proper fullscreen mode now. yay!
  • Fixed issue where the game was failing to load custom generator themes (like the caves)
  • Added mesh loading, check out the info.dat in DungeonTiles for an example on how to place a mesh
  • Animated waterfalls, they now flow as they should.


  • Dungeon generator now looks for info.dat files in the theme directory which can add custom objects to the level format.


  • Added a new spawnsMonsters value to a level, controls whether that dungeon level will spawn monsters when the level is cleared
  • Waterfalls and lavafalls! When a water or lava tile is above the surrounding floor, the sides of the tile will use a different texture and the water shader
  • New intersection tile with lava
  • Fix for custom themes not loading unless they were one of the predefined ones (dungeon, cave, goblin, undead)
  • Lava! Not added to any of the map tiles yet but is implemented. (Color: #ff5a00)
  • More entity alpha values. 90: monster, 91: loot, 92: key
  • Fix for mod loading being broken on Android ( will push out this version after more testing )
  • Scrolls!
  • Updated level format to be able to set the default textures for a level
  • New look for the lower levels
  • Reduced number of traps
  • New trap types: teleportation and poison
  • Added new tiles by Leonick
  • Some new music from WhiteWolf


  • Fixed crash when drinking restoration potions when the player hasn't had any status effects yet
  • Added traps that can be triggered by the player / monsters / other objects. Current trap is a splash damage explosion, planning to add teleportation, poison, and projectile traps.
  • Some small but big changes:
  • potion effects are now randomized on new game startup
  • full health (eg: "you feel restored") now clears any status effects - like poison
  • Implemented per-level music, data driven through a field in data/dungeons.dat
  • Wired up the rest of WhileWolf's music
  • Added mushrooms, and glowy mushrooms to help break areas up a bit visually
  • New enemies
  • Status effects - can now be poisoned
  • Removed auto health regen, now eating food gives a restore health status effect for a time
  • Android related fixes to the options screen, will be pushing out an update with it today
  • Working towards a unified spell system, where the spells attached to a monster, wand, or scroll can be data driven
  • Added a beam spell using the above spell system! Attached to the lightning wand right now
  • Better layout on the Options Screen
  • Options screen resizes to fit screen size
  • Added UI / HUD Size slider to the options screen
  • New item type - food!
  • Escape now closes the inventory instead of quitting when it's open
  • Fixed bug where returning to the main menu and resuming a game could stop mouse look from working
  • Super basic options screen
  • Map now shows walls, highlights exit door
  • Re-encoded all sounds as oggs to lower file size and fix some Android issues on CM7
  • Fixed a rare saved level loading bug
  • Some graphical tweaks
  • Added random credits to the splash screen
  • More work on the options page, not visible yet
  • Boss lich looks more boss-like
  • Playing torch sound on main menu (moody!)
  • Fixed a bug with sound doubling up when going back to the main menu and starting another game
  • Moved the dungeon setup from a hard coded system to a data driven one to make it easier to do stuff like have per-floor music (and better mod support!)
  • Graphics tweaks, increased monster health and damage on lower levels.
  • Super basic mod support
  • Support for any size textures, not just 16x16 anymore
  • Balance tweaks, monsters on lower levels hit a bit harder and have an accuracy boost due to armor having more of a role now
  • Hitting escape brings you back to the main menu, instead of just quitting altogether

Messing with the combat system today to make armor play more of a role:

  • Initial chance to dodge is 50%, if the enemy you're fighting is the same level
  • The spread between your level and the monsters makes that chance increase or decrease, a monster 5 levels above you will almost always hit, one 5 below you will mostly miss
  • When hit, armor does a straight-up damage reduction for physical attacks (not magic)
  • Fixed the stairs issue, was some weirdness with savegame loading. Sorry everyone
  • Fix for some configurations complaining about a non power of 2 texture for the map
  •  ? ? ?
  • Performance fixes
  • Fix for not being able to attack while moving on Android
  • Added safe starting rooms to the dungeon generator, won't get mobbed as soon as you go downstairs anymore
  • Nerfed enemy mage, doesn't regen magic as fast which limits their ability to fire missiles
  • Fixed speed enchantments
  • Increased dungeon size from 5 levels to 7
  • Options support is only rudimentary at the moment, but there is a way to get inverted mouse working with this version
  • Added dungeon tiles
  • Item stats shown on hover
  • More android control fixes
  • Reworked tessellator to fix crashes when tessellating some generated levels
  • Added numbers to hotbar
  • Fixed mouse input getting jittery when FPS fell below 60fps - still some tweaking to do here
  • Android specific fixes
  • better control, now is using a more traditional FPS scheme
  • performance fixes - disabled generating of grass and rocks for now (totally killed performance on some phones)
  • fixed music related crash
  • Does this version fix your mouse movement issues?
  • Dungeon generator makes fully playable floors now! Also got rid of the reaaally long hallways.
  • Looking into the choppy mouse movement - have an idea what's going on.
  • Generated dungeons are now in game! (Run from a different folder or delete your saves to generate a new dungeon)
  • Added level change screen to hide loading on mobile devices
  • Bunch of mobile control tweaks
  • Blood color can be set per monster now (no more bleeding skeletons!)
  • Tweaked torch lighting to waver a bit more
  • Fixed some alpha blending issues with the GL10 path
  • Added support for more than one game screen, switched the game over message to it's own new screen
  • Death screen is 30% less blindingly red
  • Game is now winnable, added a win screen that is shown when you escape with the Orb (Will need to start a new game for this to work)
  • Seems like all the crashes are due to people running integrated GPUs that don't support shaders. I hacked together a quick GL10 immediate mode renderer that will kick in for people that don't support shaders. It's chock full of visual issues - the biggest of which is that there's no dynamic lighting support as of now - but it's better than the game not starting at all.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Possible fix for the renderer not being initialized on some systems
  • Tweaked projectile hitbox to not go through an entities legs
  • Dragging items from the ground into the hotbar will equip them, if nothing else of the type is
  • Fixed not being able to drag and drop onto water
  • Been making some progress lately, the game is now fully playable on Android, I replaced the inventory system with one more like in Ultima Underworld, and added the macguffin (Yithiian Orb) and a boss monster (Lich) on the final level. When the player has the Orb monsters will continously spawn and the player will need to make a mad dash back up to the dungeon entrance.
  • 3-24: the sound update! I Updated libGdx to the latest nightly version, catching up on months worth of bugfixes, which should take care of all the save / load related issues and now the game can again run on Android. Also implemented a bunch of sound effects so most of my time lately has been in making things sound good. Thanks for the prod DrDerekDoctors, had been ignoring audio for too long.
  • Player / monster leveling system
  • Balance tweaks
  • Themed dungeon floors - only affects monster spawns for now
  • New monsters: spiders, skeletons, mages
  • Revamped some dungeon floors, added a new floor
  • Levels now are created only when first needed, not at game start
  • Monster attack animations
  • Monster respawning
  • Implemented a new monster and item manager to generate random items from json data files, and revamped the combat system to include all the new weapon and armor stats. Also fleshed out the second and third dungeon levels to provide a taste of how the game should play.
  • Woo! There's a sorta working inventory system in but until I add in screen switching support it's just the hotbar portion. The 1- 6 keys equip or unequip an item, and the last unequipped item is selected in red and can be dropped via the 'Q' key
  • Original Game was released