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Welcome young modder, today you wish to learn how to create your very own dungeon, for others to explore, enjoy, and of course die in, yes? Fear not, for I have the answers you seek!


Before even attempting to make a dungeon, make sure you have...

  • A keyboard, no numpad needed
  • A mouse
  • Basic Delver knowledge, research on this wiki if needed
  • Time and patience
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • The latest DelvEdit version (link)
  • The latest Delver version (link)

The Controls[]

Camera and movement[]

WASD - Move camera forward, left, down, and right

Arrow keys - Rotate camera up, down, left, and right

QE - Move the camera up and down


L - Toggle between game lighting or editor lighting

P - Switch to player mode, uses same controls as the camera

Terrain editing[]

Z - Move selected area's floor downward

Shift - Z Move selected area's floor up

X - Move selected area's ceiling downward

Shift - X - Move selected area's ceiling up

C - Flatten selected area's ceiling

Mouse left - Select first corner, click somewhere else to select the other corner of selection box

Mouse right - Clear selection

R - Enter corner editing mode, press R again to switch sides, use Z and Shift - Z to raise and lower the corner

1 through 9 - Change selected area to...

  1. Stone wall
  2. Cave wall
  3. Mossy stone wall
  4. Wood wall
  5. Bookcase wall
  6. Wood floor
  7. Red carpet floor
  8. Water
  9. Lava

Entities can be dragged if selected seperately from blocks to new positions. They can also be editted with right-click and selcted and deselected much like blocks. Right-clicking also gives the option to delete the entity.

The GUI[]