Sometimes the game crashes after you've changed a .dat file or added new content and knowing why is obviously extremely helpful to solve the problem or reporting it as a bug.

To run the game with debugging output there are a few steps you'll have to go through.


  1. Press [Windows key]+[R], type in CMD and press enter.
  2. The command prompt should appear.
  3. Write 'cd' and the director of your .jar file, eg. "cd c:\delver".
  4. Now, write "java -jar <delver.jar> where delver.jar is the name of the jar file, eg. "java -jar delver-alpha-7-11-12.jar" and then press enter.

This should launch the jar file and you'll be seeing messages in the command prompt window.

Now if the game crashes you'll see some kind of message, and by pressing the [up arrow key] in CMD you can easily launch the game again without having to go through the previous steps.

Delver cmd

Running delver in CMD

Note: Because my Delver folder is on my P:\ hardrive I had to first write P: to switch to that drive.

MAC (2 methods)

  1. Open Terminal (under applications, utilities)
  2. Command window should appear
  3. Write 'java -jar '
  4. Drag the .jar file onto the terminal window
  5. Your window should look like the second picture
  6. Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 9.45.52 AM
    Hit enter and you will get a debug window

Console method

  1. Open Console (under applications, utilities)
  2. debug window should appear
  3. Click "clear display" and run your .jar
  4. Debug text will appear and tell whats missing or broken

To access the ingame test UI, open steam, right click on delver(must be latest beta), launch arguments, "debug=true", then press K ingame to open menu. L jumps you down a level, J up (dont use on first or last levels)