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Mira Laime
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• 1/4/2014

Some Game Idea's

I have played Delver a few times though now. Survived a few times and died a few times. I am actually uploading videos of my gameplay to youtube as a let's play but based on life's. I will with permission of course upload the vidoe's to the video location here on the wiki.

My first idea for the game is instead of having to hit the num key to select the item, add the ability to scroll using the mouse.

My Second idea for the game is to add a brief description on level up of what the stat dose, I understand that Attack adds dmg, and health adds hp, and defence adds defence of course. But Speed, Agility, and Magic. Speed and Agility back when i would play older dungeon crawls were closely related. I had to look up exactly what they did currently and for the average gamer i would have to say that could be a turn off from the game play.

My third idea is to have some sort of character history. Win or lose should be recorded. like how far you made it, how much money was gained, (add option to put a player's name) -I really like remembering what i did and how i have improved ect-

My Final idea of the day is to change the ending. It says it has the ability to alter reality if i am correct, i just looked at my recent recordings and the ending chat is different. But what i mean by Changing the ending is to if you pass and exit alive have the orb say "as you exit the cave the orb in hand your notice that your reality is beginning to alter." "You wake up near the cave feeling as weak as you were when you began the quest and it seems like your items are missing" -Like being forced to change into a different reality that would explain the dungeon change and different items from the shop and the dialogue from the old man saying haven't i seen you somewhere before?-

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• 1/8/2014


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