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• 11/27/2017

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• 5/28/2014

Delver can't update

I bought Delver-windows-0,65 for a lots of time and I seen that there some Updates.
How can I download them?
plese help me and thank you very much.
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• 4/26/2014

Crazy/Funny Things in Delver

Have you seen something in Delver worth sharing, well then share it here, I'll go first.

Flawless Door A door, with no top, bum bum buuuuuummm. I found this while playing the cave 1-2 floors, it was pretty cool, although it would open, so I broke it.

Second Room of Dungeon Floor 1. Lava on the floor of the second room of level 1, 3 monsters walked in, never saw them again. :l
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• 4/25/2014

A Snapshot Hotkey / Short Tutorial

In Delver it seems there should be a snapshot key, which would make capturing gameplay, bugs, and other things a lot easier. Maybe it could be 7-9 or F5 which is the snapshot key for a lot of games I play. I also think at the beggining of the first time you launch the game it gives you a brief tutorial about hotkeys, using items, and other important game mechanics. These are just my ideas though, and oh yes I would like to see a little more in depth armor/defense system instead of just AC. :)
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• 4/22/2014

Ac damage calculation.

I have been looking around and I can't seem to find any information on how ac factors into damage reduction. If someone could direct me to a info page or explain it, I would be very grateful.
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• 3/7/2014

I really want the new version of delver

I paid 7.99 for what I'm pretty sure was the earliest version, and I want to try the newer versions. I'm on a mac if that helps, and I didn't get it through steam.
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• 1/23/2014

Endless mode and other idea's

I like that the game has an ending but after a few times playin it through I would like to have an endless mode. A mode where there is no ending and you keep getting harder monsters and random floors. I think adding an endless mode to the game will significantly improve the replayability of the game. 
And I don't know if this is on the ideaboard allready; classes (randomly given to you) would be fun. For instance, you could give a new player a random skill at the beginning of each playthrough.
Also, I like Dirahmer's idea of a scoreboard where all your playthroughs are recorded (time played, enemies killed, floors completed, etc..). Also scrolling with the mouse to select other items on your hotbar would be great. (also his thread)
Keep up the good work. I love the game!
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• 1/15/2014

got the orb but am stuck

I got the orb but when i exited dungeon 3 into dungeon 2, i cannot get up the ledge out of the water, so i cannot get back with the orb. As i cannot jump there seems to be nothing i can do.
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• 1/4/2014

Ability Idea's: Agility

Strength is melee damage, speed is speed, health is total Hp, magic is a wand use increase, defence is exactly what it sounds like, and agility is ... speed with weapon ready. Why would you not just get speed instead, it also works with your weapon down. I think they should change agility to attack speed. Just a thought.
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• 1/4/2014

Some Game Idea's

I have played Delver a few times though now. Survived a few times and died a few times. I am actually uploading videos of my gameplay to youtube as a let's play but based on life's. I will with permission of course upload the vidoe's to the video location here on the wiki.
My first idea for the game is instead of having to hit the num key to select the item, add the ability to scroll using the mouse.
My Second idea for the game is to add a brief description on level up of what the stat dose, I understand that Attack adds dmg, and health adds hp, and defence adds defence of course. But Speed, Agility, and Magic. Speed and Agility back when i would play older dungeon crawls were closely related. I had to look up exactly what they did currently and for the average gamer i would have to say that could be a turn off from the game play.
My third idea is to have some sort of character history. Win or lose should be recorded. like how far you made it, how much money was gained, (add option to put a player's name) -I really like remembering what i did and how i have improved ect-
My Final idea of the day is to change the ending. It says it has the ability to alter reality if i am correct, i just looked at my recent recordings and the ending chat is different. But what i mean by Changing the ending is to if you pass and exit alive have the orb say "as you exit the cave the orb in hand your notice that your reality is beginning to alter." "You wake up near the cave feeling as weak as you were when you began the quest and it seems like your items are missing" -Like being forced to change into a different reality that would explain the dungeon change and different items from the shop and the dialogue from the old man saying haven't i seen you somewhere before?-
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• 9/17/2013


How do you escape the dungeon, do the undead enemies respawn infinitely.
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• 9/17/2013

How do all of the stats work in Delver, as in the AC to point of damage ratio and and other things, basically the math of the game.

How do all of the stats work in Delver, as in the AC to point of damage ratio and how to one shot a monster with a long sword
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• 9/14/2013

Delver on Steam

Is there a way to get the game again on Steam if you've already paid for it through the Delver website?
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• 8/5/2013

Is there an ending to Delver?

I got the orb to the door and... nothing happened?  Is something supposed to happen, or is that part not finished yet?
Really fun game, I love it!
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• 7/15/2013

Loot in water ?

i lost a bunch of gear/consunables because i killed mobs in water wich made the loot drop in it, then i wasnt able to get it. 
is there a way to loot items in water ?
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• 6/28/2013

Games to guide off of.

So i really enjoy delver and i first got into when i was searching around for more roguelikes to play aside from dungeon crawl stone soup. After playing your game it really hit me that you could use everything if you wanted from stone soup i mean sitting right there on the internet is the greatest rougelike (in my opinion) that has ever been made and you could make a first person off of it do you guys realize how much stuff is inside stone soup hundreds of monsters spells and class combinations at your fingertips i sugest that you guys go check it out yourselves and then mr. developer please look into this.
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• 5/27/2013

Reworking Armor Pages

Today I started to expand my reformatting project to the Armor pages.  I already have reformatted the wands and the monster pages so this should just be one more step to making the wiki look better.  I have also further edited the wiki theme.  If you have any feedback on the new look please leave a message on my talk page.  Thats all for now but I will keep you updated on any work that I get done.
Ninja9351 (talk) 13:03, May 27, 2013 (UTC)
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• 5/25/2013

Better Monster Page Format

I have just started a project to make all of the Monster pages look better. I have started with the Lich page it now looks like this,

Rather than this,

Looks so much better now to me. What do you guys think?
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• 5/26/2013

My ideas

I have a few ideas here:
For the moment, the game is very short, going down to floor 7 and up again. A few ideas to extend, and shorten it.
Floor size option: Changes the size of the floor (Small, Medium, Large)
Difficulty options (Easy, less monsters, weaker lich) Medium (Normal monsters, Lich) Hard (More monsters, tougher Lich) Expert (Worse loot, Smarter mobs, follow you between floors, even more monsters)
Option to edit where each theme occurs, and how many floors of that theme, even turning off certain themes, final floor cannot be changed.
Example: Cave disabled, four floors of normal dungeon, 2 floors of sewer, bottom with Lich
Example 2: 5 floors of dungeon, 10 floors of caves, bottom with Lich.
Along with difficulties above, monsters would change slightly, like on hard and expert, new aspects, such as following you between floors.
Instead of monsters respawning when you get the orb:
Timer appears and gives you 5-15 minutes to escape the dungeon, depending on the number of floors and difficulty.
Optional "Puzzle rooms", along with the addition of jumping, for things such as jumping puzzles, mazes, etc.
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• 5/24/2013

New Ideas Section

I have just created an ideas section on the forum board. I'm looking forward to seeing people's creativity.
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